Award-winning business content and Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising for the world's finest trade shows, conferences, and B2B brands.

818 creates compelling, on-trend creative content that engages current audiences while developing new ones. Year-round, on-site, and in real-time.

Connect buyers and sellers at scale. Do you have a content strategy that converts attendees before, during, and after your event?

We also run in-person executive trainings, moderate panels, and develop content that intersects retail, design, storytelling & technology.

We've been quoted in:

The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and Shopify's 2018 Retail Trends

Some of Our Work

Our Team

Jed Wexler

CEO, Content Chief + Conversion Strategy

Jennifer Spivak

Social Media Advertising & Content Distribution

Haas Regen

Moderator + Panelist Prep

Hristian Kambourov

Conversion & Landing Page Architect

Hussain Mehmood

Analytics Strategy & Implementation

Karin Eldor

Content Writer + Social Strategist

Billy Gray

Consulting Creative Director

Abraham Espinosa

Visual Content Design

Ilias Jimenez

Visual Content Director

Katie Schorr

Content Journalist

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