Award-winning business content and Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising for the world's finest trade shows, conferences, and B2B brands.

818 creates compelling, creative content that engages current audiences while developing new ones. Year-round, on-site, and in real-time.

Connect buyers and sellers at scale. Do you have a content strategy that converts attendees before, during, and after your event?

We also run in-person executive trainings, moderate panels, and develop content that intersects design, storytelling & technology.

We've been quoted in:

The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and Shopify's 2018 Retail Trends

Some of Our Work

Our Team

Jed Wexler

CEO, Head of Content + Conversion Strategy

Jennifer Spivak

Social Media Advertising & Content Distribution

Haas Regen

Managing Content Editor (Consulting)

Hristian Kambourov

Conversion & Landing Page Architect

Hussain Mehmood

Analytics Strategy & Implementation

Karin Eldor

Content Writer + Social Strategist

Billy Gray

Creative Consultant

Abraham Espinosa

Visual Content Design

Ilias Jimenez

Visual Content Director

Katie Schorr

Content Journalist

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