Study: B2B Decision Makers Prefer Facebook

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Content marketing headlines: B2B marketers prefer Facebook to LinkedIn, the Tweet carousel makes its debut, and image-based content has its moment.

A recent survey of 1,000 B2B marketers has debunked a long-held myth about social media channels and their effectiveness to generate new leads. According to The Changing Face of Influence, a joint report from Hotwire and Vanson Bourne, as reported in The Holmes Report, Facebook tops Twitter and LinkedIn among B2B decision makers seeking information to make a purchase, making it their most-preferred platform. (LinkedIn was the runner-up at 17% compared to Facebook’s 24%, with Twitter trailing far behind at 6%.)

Although the result might come as a surprise to many marketers who intuitively associate LinkedIn and Twitter with B2B lead generation, there are actually several reasons Facebook ads make sense for B2B marketers:

1. Firstly, Facebook is the largest social network across all ages and demographics, period. With more than 1.65 billion users, Facebook can claim 22% of the total world population. This means that B2B marketers are likely to be using the network in some capacity — whether personally or professionally. And no matter what the use, a relevant ad, promoted post, or video that relates specifically to a viewer’s business needs has been proven to not only catch their attention, but inspire action.

2. Secondly, Facebook offers the most comprehensive targeting options of any available business ad network (social or otherwise), allowing marketers to zero in on a specific profile type based on interests, location, company, and relevant keywords. Marketers can also use e-mail lists to target specific individuals or even create “look alike” lists based on their existing top customers. Many of the attractive features that LinkedIn offers, like job title, can be easily mimicked on Facebook by selecting parameters like income level.

3. Finally, Facebook caters to a mobile audience. From Instant Articles to live video ads, Facebook has consistently stayed ahead of the curve on identifying audience behavior and creating content options to match.

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