This Week’s Content Strategy Headlines: The Power of Data, The Rise of B2B and How to Crack Facebook’s Organic Search

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This week’s top headlines in content marketing highlight the power of data, the importance of timing, and the rise of B2B marketing. These stories also shed light on how experts approach their own content strategies and how to crack Facebook’s organic search code. Read on for our recommended headlines this week in content strategy:

A Decade of Content Marketing – Forbes

PR veteran Peter Himler reflects on the evolution of content marketing since he began blogging in 2005, confirming that ultimately, good content strategy is still about good stories. Although Himler admits to rarely thinking about his motivation for posts or platforms, his musing in this piece offers great advice on where to publish and what to avoid.

7 Data-Driven Ways to Create Content for Your Campaign – Mashable

As a data-driven agency, we loved everything about this piece by Matthew Sweeney. Peter Himler is right – great content starts with great stories – but what makes content strategy so powerful is the ability to glean valuable information about a company’s target audience. Matthew’s top takeaways for content marketers? Original research is always worth doing. Aesthetics do matter. And most importantly, bad content is worse than no content.

Pacing Your Startup’s Marketing Strategy – Wall Street Journal

Venture lawyer and angel investor Ed Zimmerman gives startups the Cliff’s notes of marketing strategy in this piece, noting the importance of timing, research and ROI to a successful campaign. Applied to content strategy, this article echoes the research-centric sentiment in the headline above – data must support every well-executed marketing campaign, which in turn must support a well-developed product.

How Hubspot and LinkedIn Crush Their B2B Marketing – Contently

The emergence of content strategy as a particularly powerful tool for B2B marketers comes as no surprise, given the importance of educating in B2B marketing (a trend we highlighted earlier this year); but Hubspot and LinkedIn seem to do two things particularly well that have made them leaders in the space. Firstly, they recognized the long selling cycle for B2B clients and committed to their content strategy. Secondly, they persevered without fear of failure.

Key to Cracking Facebook Code Might be Video – Contently

As more social media platforms adopt a pay-to-play approach, making organic reach ever more elusive, Facebook marketers may have a new friend in multi-media, says a new study from Socialbakers.  Swapping photo for a video can increase your reach by 135 percent.

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Roundup by Tracie Heffernan 

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