Content Marketing Trends: Facebook’s Top Live Video of 2016, Google vs. The EU, and the Fight for Nipple Equality

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What’s good for George Bailey is also good for Facebook Live Video: people want the “simple joys in life”; Google’s antitrust battle with the European Union heats up; Forbes takes a look at how Millennials consume news. Plus: the “Genderless Nipples” movement.

The “Chewbacca Mom” is Facebook’s most-watched live video this year, according to Forbes. It has received over 164 million views since it was streamed on May 20 — and it’s not surprising at all that a non-political post outranked all the others. Isn’t distraction the real reason we turn to social media?


“Live videos relating to the U.S. election took four of the 10 most-watched live streams on Facebook. Others in the top ten list included a video of people in Dallas lining up to hug police officers, a video of a truck completely carved out of wood, and ‘Chardonnay Go’ — Pokemon GO for moms.”

Whether or not Facebook’s main goal is to distract or de-stress, it’s still the top news source for Millennials.

“Out of the 83% of millennials that are exposed to diverse opinions on social media, 73% click to learn more. This open-mindedness is good news for anyone who needs to market on Facebook. While some baby boomers and Gen Xers are set in their ways, you can reach out to millennials and they will pay attention to what you have to say. Once you have their attention, it’s up to you to get them to take the desired action. Since they are so open-minded, you should be able to bring some of them over to your side.”

Meanwhile, the Harvard Business Review has the deets on a really thorny issue concerning the Digital Economy: Google’s current antitrust battle with the European Commission.

“Companies like Google operate simultaneously in multiple ecosystems, as do their competitors. As such, any analysis of competitive dynamics must be done across ecosystems — something the European Union hasn’t done. Instead, it has just focused on the mobile-operating-system market. Given that Google has a European market share of more than 90% in general internet search services, licensable smart mobile operating systems and app stores for the Android mobile operating system, E.U. antitrust authorities seem to believe that Google needs to be policed from stifling innovation in the marketplace.”

Dario Fo once wrote, “It is hard for power to enjoy and incorporate humour and satire into its system of control.” Enter Genderless Nipples, a satirist’s guide to — and attempted coup of — Insta-censorship. The Next Web‘s got the goods on what’s becoming a new movement:

“To raise awareness of the social network’s hypocritical stance, the account features images of both male and female nipples. Each are cropped close enough to make it impossible to tell the difference. This puts Instagram in a rather precarious place, as the gender-neutral nipples are both acceptable and unacceptable under its current Community Guidelines — Schrödinger’s Nipple, if you will.”

Lastly, Practical Ecommerce has some ideas for 2017 you should consider.


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