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Best New Content Strategy Tools: This Week’s Content Marketing Headlines

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It’s been a busy spring for content strategy entrepreneurs, with companies as established as LinkedIn to rising stars like social media darling Banjo releasing tools that promise to help generate, share, track and measure. Headlines from this week show which tools have proven most beneficial to content marketers, and what trends to watch as these emerging platforms are put to use.

Four Quick Tools to Help Your Audience Share Your Content  – Content Marketing Institute

It may come as no surprise that all four tools featured in this compilation by CMI contributor Markelle Harden are visual. From slideshow creator Bunkr to stock image alternative Pablo, these recommended tools cater to your readers’ short attention spans while more efficiently conveying your core messages.

If You Can’t Find the Content Strategy Tool You Need, Build Your OwnForbes

Among the lessons creative agency owner Steve McKee has learned since launching a content newsroom in his New Mexico office is that there are benefits to working in an industry full of entrepreneurs. If the tracking or metrics measurement tool you need doesn’t exist yet, work with an agency that has the means to build one.

The Impact of Elevate by LinkedIn – Social Media Today

LinkedIn quietly released a tool last month that allows company employees to create, share and measure in-house content. The ‘Elevate’ platform pushes LinkedIn into the employee advocate space, which has expanded the boundaries of content strategy from marketing tool to employee benefit.

Introducing Social Media Tracker ‘Banjo’Investor Week

For having just raised $100 million in capital, California-based company Banjo has kept a low-profile; but the tracking tool that bills itself as a ‘crystal ball’ for social media marketers may not enjoy under-the-radar status much longer. The social organization app allows companies to track real-time trends around their audiences’ interests, allowing them to create more precise content strategies.

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Roundup by Tracie Heffernan


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