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Instagram Advertising: 3 Things Brands Need To Know Right Now

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On the heels of one of the most anticipated moments in digital advertising history, brands are scrambling to get ready for the release of Instagram’s advertising platform to all marketers.

Instagram had been teasing the wide release for months now, slowly adding targeting functions to the Facebook ad manager (Facebook owns Instagram).  Any day now, Instagram will officially announce that it is opening up it’s platform to advertisers worldwide.  Users are expecting (hoping!) to see relevant, thoughtful, engaging ads in the coming weeks – brands should do everything they can to take their time to deliver quality over quantity.

Here are 3 things brands need to know about Instagram advertising right now to get ahead of the competition:

1. Instagram has switched on its advertising API 

What does this mean for brands? Third-party partners (and now everyone) can access the Instagram ad interface – this means that advertisers everywhere can begin planning and placing ads. Up until now this was only available to a very select group of huge brands with even bigger budgets. Brands should start researching agencies and developing media plans ASAP to get their content strategy in place with proper CTAs and landing pages.

2. Instagram ads interface will be hosted through Facebook’s ad manager

This is a huge advantage for brands and agencies that already advertising on Facebook and familiar with its exceptional and highly sophisticated ad platform. Facebook allows you to narrow in on the right audience by filtering through millions (trillions?) of data points and optimizing for your target in real-time.  Now Instagram Ads will be powered by the most powerful targeting tools in the world.  We all know how frequently Instagram users scroll through their feeds daily, so CTRs on Instagram will be even better.

3. A brave new world is here, connecting creative to ROI

For years, Facebook has provided innovative ways to reach out to your customer and clear ways to measure campaign ROI.  Advertisers and content distributors have already scored big with Facebook’s “look-a-like” audience targeting, remarketing, and “custom audiences”.  These same advanced tactics will be now available to Instagram advertisers.  Amazing.

You’ll be able to connect to the creative world of Instagram, a platform heavy with gorgeous photos and creative content, and deliver a visual message directly to your ideal audience at the right time and the right place.  Remember, Instagram’s audience (for now) tends to skew younger than Facebook’s, and the platform consists entirely of photos and videos.

The rules are still the same – a thoughtful content strategy featuring valuable editorial content, still wins.


By Lorraine Tran, Managing Director of 818 Agency, which provides creative B2B content marketing and social advertising programs to Fortune 500 companies and growth-oriented start-ups.


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