Ometria Announces 2016 E-commerce Marketing Guide | Insights from 818 Agency CEO

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E-commerce to become more personalized, creative and service-oriented, says Jed Wexler.

If content has been king since the start of the e-commerce era, this is the year it steps down off its throne to come sit by your fire.

Twelve industry experts, including 818 Agency CEO Jed Wexler predict that 2016 is the year e-commerce marketing becomes more personalized, community-driven and service-oriented — with content in a starring role.

E-commerce marketing managers are “going deeper and are becoming more creative when it comes to social media acquisition, using a mix of content units and e-commerce advertising,” said Wexler. “Especially for independent e-commerce brands. Content units are the new ad units.”

Much like real relationships, the future of e-commerce will also mean nurturing top customers.

“E-commerce sellers will take care of their best alpha customers with a combination of premium custom content and concierge services,” Jed added.

Ecommerce Marketing Trends 2016
Industry peers echoed this sentiment, adding predictions for an increase in customized content, “taste-driven” marketing like Google’s Customer Match, and experiences that leave a lasting impression.

“I want to create marketing experiences that make people go, ‘how did they do that?'” said Ira Wichmann, Head of Loyalty for children’s book series, Lost My Name.

Simple efforts like posting an “outfit of the day” will no longer work, suggested e-commerce consultant James Curd. Clothing retailers and others in the digital shopping space will need to create content that specifically engages highly targeted customers.

Although other participating experts predicted a greater role for automation, one sentiment was clear among all —  for brands looking to get more out of their online sales, it pays to understand top customers.

Download the full guide: E-Commerce Trends 2016

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