Content Strategy Headlines: Lessons from New York Fashion Week 2015 (Part I)

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New York Fashion Week 2015 concluded last week with more than just a peek at fall styles. The eight-day kick-off of fashion week worldwide also gave brands a lesson in content strategy and editorial marketing, showing just how effective storytelling can be for nurturing loyal audiences, launching new products and converting enthusiasts into buyers.

Evolving the social media story from new platforms and technologies to execution, brands — including NYFW producer ING — went beyond simple posts to tell sophisticated stories that tapped into consumer emotions, and in some cases, developed entirely new brand identities.

Kristen Joy Watts, fashion community lead for Instagram, summarized the phenomenon in an interview for Women’s Wear Daily. “We’re all familiar with the obligatory runway photo,” she told WWD. “The expectation is that you will have people telling digital stories at your shows, presentations or events.”

In this two-part series, we’re spotlighting campaigns from NYFW that demonstrate the impact of creative storytelling:

Part I: GoPro Gets Glam 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the image of Karlie Kloss toting a GoPro on a high-fashion runway — and at Good Morning America, and backstage at Carolina Hererra — spoke volumes about the sporty camera’s transition from “bro brand” to  “glam cam.” The Vogue-produced film took GoPro to places the action-inspired brand, which began as a way for founder Nicholas Woodman to capture his surf adventures, had never ventured:


Victoria Beckham cemented the storyline by shooting a behind-the-scenes look at her show entirely on a GoPro:


But GoPro’s stealth NYFW takeover didn’t stop there. Designer Nicole Miller also partnered with GoPro, documenting her Fashion Week experience while catching the attention of Forbes:


The content strategy takeway? Sometimes, it’s best to let others tell your story.

In this case, GoPro’s desired message: “This is the way high-fashion models capture their chicest moments,” would have seemed incongruous coming from the action-sports brand itself. GoPro’s Facebook page, after all, still features a powder hound on a ski slope rocking his twin tips — Karlie Kloss notably absent. In allowing the top names in fashion to speak in its stead — not just through social media posts, but in fully developed stories — GoPro successfully slipped into the consciousness of a whole new demographic as a high-fashion accessory without alienating the surf, ski and skate-toting fans on which the brand built its fame.

Such is the power of storytelling.

Join next week for Part II: Persistence Pays Off – The Kanye Effect.

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