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Content Strategy Advice for Small Business: This Week’s Top Headlines

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From new traffic-boosting products by Google to more support for data, this week’s top headlines in content strategy offer practical advice to small businesses looking to establish their expertise among consumers, increase overall visibility online and better engage with existing customers. Read on for this week’s top headlines in content strategy:

Use Data to Solve Your Engagement ConundrumContent Marketing Institute

As the cornerstone of our own philosophy toward content strategy, data drives our approach from the beginning of every campaign – starting with well-researched buyer personas. We loved this story because it hits on an issue that every business encounters no matter what their industry. Content marketing only works when viewers engage. So how do you engage? Start by understanding your audience.

Google Gets Into Content Game – Why Outbrain Should be Mindful  – Wall Street Journal

It seems only fitting that the world’s largest search engine should also get into the content recommendation game, and with its free ‘Content Match’ product announced earlier this month, Google has done just that. Working similarly to paid services like Taboola and Outbrain, Content Match gives AdSense users a platform to share related content with their articles, allowing them to increase their web traffic and potentially earn more revenue.

The Anatomy of a Good Content Marketing StrategyForbes

Entrepreneur John Rampton’s direct article offers practical pointers that small businesses can implement immediately, making it as much a reference as a timely assessment of content strategy. Rampton has clearly followed his own advice — “content should be evergreen and solve problems.”

Six Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy (That Really Work)Business2Community

In some ways a complement to Rampton’s focus on the long-term, this guide by editor Anna Rodriquez caters to small businesses seeking instant gratification. Much of the advice plays directly to viewers’ own short attention spans, but recommendations to personalize, localize and diversify are on-point in any content strategy.

What Startups Need to Know about Content Marketing

Content marketer Joshua Johnson sums it up in a single sentence. “Every entrepreneur eventually wants to become an industry leader.” The power to self-publish gives every new business owner an opportunity to demonstrate her expertise in a way that also solves her consumers’ problems. Johnson outlines how entrepreneurs can take advantage of this opportunity with seven tips, ranging from the basic: “Define your objective,” to the insightful: “Manage your knowledge.” In other words, take advantage of your bank of already-produced content to efficiently write new pieces on the same topics.


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Roundup by Tracie Heffernan


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