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This Week’s Top Content Marketing Headlines: Redefining Content Strategy

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With an air of “spring cleaning,” this week’s content marketing headlines examine a shift in thinking, as experts question traditional tactics while introducing new tools. Notably, headlines posed more questions this week than offered answers, but three trends stood out clearly: content strategy is becoming more visual, more data-driven and more integrated into a company’s traditional advertising and sales efforts. Here are our top headlines this week in content marketing:

Did Video Kill Text Content Marketing?Entrepreneur

Our gut is still ‘no,’ purely based on our own enjoyment of leisurely processing information via text, but Liraz Margalit makes a compelling argument for the merits of video, appealing to the brain’s desire for an easy-to-digest, highly stimulating content. She is supported by data showing that video converts, making video a crucial part of content marketing.

Next in Video Content Marketing: Introducing Cinemagraphs – Business2Community

As video takes center stage in content marketing, variations have begun to follows.  Cinemagraphs, the animated photos made popular in Harry Potter movies, are just one tool sneaking into creative content marketing campaigns.

Can Computers Replace Content Marketers? – CMS Wire

It turns out they can – but only in data-specific instances, where writing is already intuitively formulaic. The element of human emotion is still an important part of conveying a brand’s core messages, and in eliciting a feeling that inspires action, making human content marketers still very much a crucial part of content marketing. The merits of automation, however, are also apparent. Less time spent on nuts-and-bolts writing means more time for creative thinking – a win for content strategists and companies alike.

Are Brand Communities the Future of Content Marketing? – eContentMag

Although not necessarily a novel idea, brand communities are making a comeback. Leveraging the power to communicate directly with consumers, brands are using content marketing campaigns to establish loyal “tribes” dedicated to the brand, connecting enthusiasts with likeminded consumers while creating a sense of belonging.

Three Agencies to Rule Them all: Why Specialization Was a Mistake – Adage

Perhaps the most insightful post of the week, Tom Goodwin’s Adage piece looks at digital marketing over the past 15 years and questions whether the hyper-specialization that has evolved with each new strategy – social media, SEO, even content marketing – has produce the most effective results for companies. What he calls ‘brand agencies,’ we call ‘content strategists,’ but we agree with the mindset behind integration.

Read anything good lately? Send your favorite headlines or trends to our editorial team, and we may use them (and of give you lots of credit) in our next roundup!


Roundup by Tracie Heffernan

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