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Comedy Tops This Week’s Content Marketing Headlines

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How humor helps engage your audience.

Did you ever hear the one about the content marketer and the comedian?

We haven’t either.

Probably because as content marketing has evolved from an emerging strategy to a vital tool among marketers, it’s just forgotten to be funny.

Advertisers have long mastered the art of comedy in content (just think of your favorite TV commercials); but somewhere in the rise of content marketing — usually between SEO best practices, key branding messages and the sheer amount of content some marketers now produce — many editorial marketers have gone for information over laughs. Which is a shame. In many cases, content is engaging, informative and useful; but it’s just not memorable.

This week’s top headlines in content show the importance of adding humor to your content, and how it can help drive conversion, engagement and loyalty:


3 Ways Comedy Helps Your Content Marketing – The Huffington Post 

Content expert Sajeel Qureshi breaks down the importance of humor with three obvious benefits: the content is more easily digestible for your audiences; it’s fun to write; and it helps you stand out. If you aren’t honing your funny bone, you can be sure your competitors will be sharpening theirs.

Going Global With Content Marketing: How Agencies Are Leading the Way – Business2Community 

When the Head of Content at a global agency lists his favorite content marketing campaigns — and their common thread is humor — it’s a good reason to pay attention. As you plan your next piece, whether it’s an article or a podcast, think about what emotion you’re evoking from your audience. If you’re moving them to tears, make ’em laugh at least once.

Nick Offerman to Headline Content Marketing

There’s a reason the world’s largest content marketing event puts a heavy spotlight on comedy. Offerman is just one of many comedic stars committed to appear at the 4-day conference taking place this September. Themed, “Big Stars, Bright Content,” the event is expected to draw more than 3,500 attendees.

You needn’t hire a Comedy Central veteran or stand-up moonlighter to liven your own content with humor. Keeping your tone light while adding stories from your personal experience (even mistakes you’ve made), can engage your audience on a more personal level while giving them a reason to come back for more.

Have you spotted content marketing trends worth sharing? Send your headlines to our editorial team, and we may use them (and of give you lots of credit) in our next roundup!


Roundup by Tracie Heffernan


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