The Skinny on Content Curation: 5 Tools to Use Right Now

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Not all content curation tools are created equal. These apps help you get the most out of your content creation efforts to become a better resource for your customers.

At its core, content marketing is simple. You answer your customers’ questions with compelling content using your expertise and develop an ongoing strategy by anticipating how to be the best resource for your target audience.

But how much content is enough?

More than half of content marketers surveyed by Trapit (as reported by MarketingProfs) said that sharing 10 or more pieces of content per day is optimal for engaging with customers; yet 60% of those same marketers said that they found it difficult to continuously create original content, with 29% reporting that their company spends too much time creating content manually.

This struggle highlights a core difference between content marketing and content strategy. Although creating and distributing content is a simple enough process for most marketers, knowing how to curate content that will drive sales and convert readers into customers is more difficult. However, without that last step — conversion — even the most creative content marketing campaign will do little to advance your business.

As a data-driven agency, we make conversion our driving purpose in any campaign, and we always have an eye out for the most helpful tools. Here are a few of our favorites for helping you achieve the right balance between content creation and content curation:



CodeFuel hits right at the heart of a marketer’s ultimate goal: increasing the bottom line. The service aims to help publishers create new revenue streams while hitting targeted audiences. Put in its own words, “We keep users focused and on-site for longer through targeted search results while building the perfect native ad experience.”



As a data-driven agency, we love tools that give us the information we need for conversion. BuzzSumo is a hidden gem among curation tools, offering actionable insights that can make a real difference. Curious about your competitors? Want to know what types of content have driven conversions within your target audience? BuzzSumo can give you this.



A procrastinator’s best friend, Pocket helps you store, accumulate and organize content for future use. Think of it like Pinterest for business, with a visual format that lets you arrange articles by topic for easier curation later on. Once saved to Pocket, your lists are visible on any devise and can even be viewed offline.



“Today, everyone is a reporter,” says Storify. And this service helps you approach content marketing with the same quest for original reporting that journalists apply to their work. Pulling from the best of the web to help you find, collect, and share the content your customers are seeking, Storify has become one of the most widely used curation tools among content strategists.



Although this full-service content platform comes at a cost (pricing ranges from $499 to $999 per month), users swear find savings in its paint-by-numbers approach. Marketers can search and categorize content sources, re-purpose old content, and pull helpful insights to analyze which content resonated best with your audience.

As with any content automation tool, each of these is best used as part of a comprehensive content strategy. We also recommend these emerging tools for B2B content marketers.

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