Data and Analytics Specialist

We’re Hiring! Data and Analytics Specialist

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We look at data and analytics through the lens of a brand new, yet rapidly growing, game-changing discipline, called Content Strategy. How do you use amazing editorial content to drive a business objective?

Content Strategy, when done well, is a supremely elegant blend of creative excellence and sophisticated data.  How do you track content performance?


So here’s who we would love to meet –

Data and Analytics | Conversion Tracking and Content Optimization Specialist 

Full-Time OR Project-Based

We’re looking for a Conversion Tracking, Content Optimization, Data and Analytics Specialist to join our growing team of content creators and strategists – someone who can track behavior around video and editorial content.

You’ll be able to creatively strategize and optimize content around content consumption behaviors and specific calls-to-action. You’ll go beyond the transactional into how people think and feel about the content they are consuming, and refine on the fly.

Download the full job description here 


Oh, and we would also like to have coffee with;

Strategic-minded Content Writers/Creatives: for blogs, emails, videos, and foundational content.

We are part of the first wave of companies in a field that has revolutionized the way industries everywhere communicate and gain influence. Grow with us!  We’re based in the Flatiron District in NYC, opening in L.A. too in early 2015.


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