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We Are a Content Marketing Company | Introducing 818 Agency

Welcome to our new online home.

I wanted to take a few minutes to welcome you to our new website. We decided to do a bit of streamlining – gave ourselves a tight haircut, a crisp ironing, and a new made-to-measure suit, tailored to within an 1/8th of an inch.

Granted, “trumpeting” a new website these days feels oh so very 1998, but we feel it’s an accomplishment nonetheless.

We all come from the consumer creative world, and are now bringing all of that to the B2B space. Why does so much B2B content have to be so dry? It doesn’t.

We’re a group of writers and technologists with a vision to create content so good your competitors share it – and that your potential clients can’t get enough of.

Thanks for sharing.




818 Agency

P.S. are you passionate about arftul, yet data-driven content that mixes perfectly with landing pages, social media advertising, and analytics? Then definitely get in touch.

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